How To Use An ENail

//How To Use An ENail

How To Use An ENail

How to use an enail, explained in simple terms you can understand to get blazing. Obviously, the enail you choose will come with directions. Since each enail is different, you should definitely follow the directions. Before you can even get that far, however, you have to know what an enail is. Thankfully, it’s a simple explanation.

Read on for how to use an enail, in about 500 words. No fluff here!

What Is An ENail?

An enail is essentially a heated platform for your tasty dabs. Kind of like a golf tee, your an enail sits inside your dab rig. Then, when you want to get high, you smear or drop some wax or shatter onto the hot nail.

The enail heats up to the perfect temperature to vape your concentrate. It won’t burn the wax which is one of the reasons the’re great. It also eliminates the need for a separate torch to heat up the nail in your rig.

If you don’t have an enail, you have a dab nail made out of glass, titanium, quartz or ceramic. These nails work similarly, but you have to hit them with external heat.

How An Enail Works

The enail differs from a regular dab rig nail because it has a power source. Your enail either plugs into a wall outlet or runs on batteries.

Enails have temperature controls and are less risky than regular dab nails. There is less risk because there’s no open flame for example. Additionally, its not possible to over stress how great it is to stop worrying about burning your precious dab.

Reasons To Hate Enails

So there are some great things about enails, but not everyone loves them. If you hate being trapped near an outlet and aren’t afraid of a hand torch, enails aren’t for you. You’d be best off with a regular nail made out of your choice of material.

It’s also fair to say that enails can be great for beginners but many seasoned dabbers may prefer the flexibility a regular dab nail provides.

Where Can I Buy An Enail?

You can shop for enails online or at your local vape shop. Most marijuana accessories stores will also carry enails.

This is even an option in areas where cannabis is still illegal. It helps that you can freely ask about enails at your local headshop without using any of the hot button words they hate like bowl or bong. We don’t know about you, but we’ve irritated a few clerks in our day by using the ‘wrong’ terminology and setting them off.

Because many forms of vaping is legal, however, it’s easier to talk about vape equipment.

How To Use An ENail, Explained

Now you have a better understanding of what the heck an enail is and why you may want one. If this post helped you out, pass it on to a friend and don’t bogart the info all to yourself. Your shares also help us out because it brings our message of blazing to even more people out there. We can all use a little lift, right?

Blaze on, my friends.

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