Are LEC Lights Good For Growing Cannabis?

//Are LEC Lights Good For Growing Cannabis?

Are LEC Lights Good For Growing Cannabis?

Are LEC Lights Good For Growing Cannabis?

LED, LEC, full-spectrum, halide, flourescent- so many options! Before you can make the right choice for your grow operation you have to know are LEC lights good for growing cannabis and how do they stack up against the other options. In fact, you might not even know what LEC lights are. Have no fear, by the end of this article you’ll see the subject is illuminated.

Are LEC Lights Good For Growing Cannabis?

The term LEC stands for Light Emitting Ceramics. Notice that’s a lot like LED, however LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. The names of these bulbs describe the technology. Additionally, you might also hear the term Ceramic Discharge Metal Halide to describe LECs. LEC lights have an internal arc made of ceramic while traditional halide lamps have bulbs made of quartz.

LECs Are Simple To Use

The majority of LEC set ups have an incorporated ballist so they are easy to set up and run.

LECs Simulate Sunlight

LEC lights are the closest to sunlight because they give off UV-B rays just like the sun. They’re all full spectrum by design and provide plants with a natural light source just like the earth provides.

LECs are Natural Looking

You’ll enjoy the natural glow from your LECs when compared to other sources of light.

Are LEC Lights Good For Growing Cannabis Compared To LED?

No, but LEDs cost less which is a big consideration. Like with anything else, the longer LECs are on the market and the more growers choose them, the more prices will drop.

LECs Burn Hotter

One negative thing about LECs is that they burn slightly hotter than LEDs. Keep this in mind when planning your approach.

LECs Burn Out Faster

While LECs are longer lasting than fluorescent lights, they don’t last as long as LEDs. This increases that price factor a bit more.


Are LEC Lights Good For Growing Cannabis: Choosing The Right Light

The perfect light source for every grow is personal. The size of your space matters. The way you grow matters. Your personal preferences also matter.

There are some great message boards about growing where you can ask advice from other growers. Reddit is an obvious first stop. You can also check out GrassCity,, or Roll It Up.


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