How To Make Rosin And What Is It?

//How To Make Rosin And What Is It?

How To Make Rosin And What Is It?

Learning how to make rosin is certainly interesting. It may even be useful if you want to DIY your high. Most importantly, however, learning how to make rosin is a great way to understand exactly what rosin is. You’ll find it a very clean concentrate that will lift you up without exposing you to any chemicals.

What’s not to like!? You can even make it yourself pretty easily. Making rosin is less dangerous than other concentates.

How To Make Rosin: What Is It?

Rosin is a cannabis concentrate. This means that rosin is a very potent form of THC and other cannabinoids, terpenes and flavinoids. Rosin is more like hash than some other concentrates because you don’t need chemicals to make it.

With BHO and PHO based concentrates, a chemical solvent is used. Even bubble hash technically needs a solvent, even if it is just cold water.

Like hash, rosin emerges through a physical or mechanical process. Add a little pressure plus a bit of heat to your bud or trimmings and you get rosin.

Once you have some, you can smoke or vape it in just about any other way you take in concentrates.

What Is Rosin: See It Made With A Nug Smasher

Your humble author loves this gadget! It is really a rosin game changer. Because it will work with trimmings, it’s especially great for growers. You’ll get the best results with beautiful bud, however.

See it in action from the guys who made it.


What Is Rosin: The Hair Straightener Method

If you can’t shell out for a Nug Smasher, there is another way. The boys from Gorilla Projects will show you exactly how they do it.

Pretty handy, right?!

What Is Rosin: Once You’ve Got It, How Do You Dab It?

Rosin is a pretty versatile concentrate. You can crumble it on top of any bowl or joint or dab it in a dab rig. If you want to try it in your wax pen, just make sure the pen is made for rosin also. You don’t want to wreck it and those things can be a bit fussy.

Check out Silent Hippy dabbing some rosin for the first time here.

Strain Central comes through with a way to dab from a spoon pipe- brilliant!

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Twaxing Rosin

If you don’t want to dab your rosin, you can twax it. When you mix a weed concentrate with actual weed and smoke it in a blunt, joint, bowl or bong, it’s called twaxing.

It’s pretty self explanatory but check out a guide to twaxing if you need step by step instructions.

How To Make Rosin- In The Bag

And that’s how you make rosin, how to use rosin, and what the heck rosin is! If you found this article helpful, share it on social media to help more people find the joy of dabbing.

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