How to Start Dabbing: The 411 About Dabs

//How to Start Dabbing: The 411 About Dabs

How to Start Dabbing: The 411 About Dabs

How to Start Dabbing

So, you have decided to step out of your comfort zone and try the new craze all the kids are talking about: dabbing. Little do those kids know that this method has been around for decades, just not so technical.

What the heck is dabbing and how do you start? There are so many things to learn! Fear not. Here is a quick guide to help simplify one of the newest innovations to hit the cannabis smoking scene since the gravity bong.

A Blast From The Past?

My old hippies out there are shaking their fists now. Newest innovation, they say! Yes, dabbing has been around for many years and was most likely limited to inhaling heated hash or keif on the end of a knife. Technology has brought us a long way, however.

No longer do cannabis enthusiasts need to mess around with their stoves and kitchen utensils, but can rather mess around with latest gadgets in the evolution of dabbing. Here is where the lesson begins. Let’s start with the basics.

how to start dabbing

How To Start Dabbing: Getting Started

The fancy glass piece that was blown by your buddy from your last tour has been set aside and you are ready to enter the 21st century of cannabis consumption. How do you get started dabbing? The first place to start is with what you need to ask your guy (or girl!) for.


Oil, or BHO (butane hash oil), is probably the easiest form to begin your dabbing quest. It is simple to use in vaporizers and vape pens and is said to be 80% stronger. Consider that the potency also depends on the extraction process and the original plant.

With that being said, let’s talk about the extraction process. BHO has butane in the name and, quite obviously, uses butane in the processing of the oil. It has been found to be the best solvent extraction method thus far.

This is not something that should be tried at home! To be honest, this should be left to trained professionals, in states where it is legal and monitored, as this process is complicated and requires the proper set up and equipment. Seriously, it could blow up your house. And your neighbor’s.


Wax, a BHO concentrate, is also known as budder. This form of concentrate has a couple of different steps in the extraction process, including whipping, to aerate the concentrate. Resulting in the, well, wax like end product.

Like other forms of butane solvent extraction, the cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids are stripped from the plant and formed into oil or wax, producing a substance that is four times more potent than the herb smoked in traditional ways.  


Yet another BHO concentrate, shatter differs from oil and wax in that it resembles rock candy and can be broken up into pieces.

Unlike wax, no whipping is involved in the creation of shatter and results in the glass like concentrate than can be easily shattered.

How To Start Dabbing with BHO Concentrates

There is some new equipment that needs to be purchased in order to use the concentrates correctly. You need either a wax or oil vape pen or a vaporizer dab rig, which often comes with a number of atomizers that can be switched out and used to smoke dry herbs, oils or concentrates.

A dab rig is a bit larger and requires some more attention, but the vape pens look just like an e-cig. There are many different products on the market right now and it is best to do some investigating to decide which is the right equipment for your needs.

Both are easy enough to figure out, but remember that there is always a learning curve! Give yourself some time to decide which method you like best. Either way, you will be sure to get to your desired level of elevation much quicker than the old fashioned way. Happy experimenting and be safe out there!

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