How To Make Wax

How To Make Wax

Learning how to make wax will give you insight about what wax is. It’s a form of cannabis that is changing the game completely. If it isn’t already available near you, chances are it will be soon. This is a 411 to help make sure you’re ready to roll.

If you’ve already dabbed but weren’t totally sure what was going, or you don’t understand the difference between wax and shatter, read on for the light of knowledge!

How To Make Wax: What Is It?!

Wax is a form of cannabis concentrate. In turn, cannabis concentrates are a very concentrated form of cannabis. Seems pretty obvious, hm?

To make concentrates, cannabis bud or trimmings are altered so the psychoactive and medicinal properties all come out at once. Then, instead of smoking cannabis bud, you dab or smoke the concentrate. It’s like smoking a whole day’s worth of bowls at once, more or less.

That is not a technical approximation of strength. Here is something more science based for you fact checkers. High Times tosses out a figure of concentrates being 20 times stronger than weed, but there’s no data to really back that up. Just the same, we all know High Times is where we go for our ultimate pot news so use that as a base point and you have a idea of the kind of strength we’re talking about.

You’re going to getĀ realĀ high. It will be a little more like a hash high too. Not quite the same as smoking a bowl but similar.

How To Make Wax: The Process

Wax is made by flushing a solvent (butane, propane, water, CO2) through cannabis. The solvent picks up the active compounds in cannabis and flushes them all into a sludge. After flushing, the mix is heated very carefully (this is dangerous!) so the solvent evaporates into the air.

You’re left with an oil like consistency. If you stretch this as it cools or it is otherwise disturbed, it will gain a taffy like consistency. That’s why it’s called wax. If you left it alone completely and it crystalized as it cooled, you’d have shatter.

That’s essentially the only difference.

Let Farmer John from Omega Concentrates show you how it’s done.

Hop over to YouTube and subscribe to their channel if you like what you see, just don’t try this at home.

Many of the solvents are very flammable and you really must know how to make wax before you try it yourself. You’re not going to get that from a short intro article.

How To Make Wax Is Sorted- Time To Dab

Once you have your sick sticky wax it’s time to dab it! You’ll need a dab rig or wax pen to vape your wax. If you want to try to dab with equipment you already have, you can liquidize the wax and pop it into a vape juice style pen or drop it on some bud in a bowl.

Why not get right to that while you share this knowledge with some friends on social media? We’d love to see them stop by.

Until next time- dab on!

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