The Difference Between CBD and THC

//The Difference Between CBD and THC

The Difference Between CBD and THC

The difference between CBD and THC don’t matter to many smokers. They’re here to get high and the deeper questions be damned. Others, however, are more profound. After all, if you’re ingesting something regularly it’s smart to understand how it affects your body. Today we’re taking a closer look at the two most popular cannabinoids in marijuana: CBD and THC.

THC And CBD: THC Is Heady And Intoxicating

A decent place for this talk to begin is with the high. Many individuals devour cannabis because they want to feel high. This altered state of consciousness is prized for recreational benefits and spiritual as well. Looking at what’s truly going on when you’re stoned helps us explain how THC works.

It’s a cerebrum thing. The details are complicated, but the THC for Dummies version goes something like this. Cannabis contains compounds called cannabinoids. These compounds interact with receptors in the body to produce effects.

THC is one of these cannabinoids, and the one primarily responsible for the symptoms you associate with being high. When you take cannabis and feel silly, disoriented, forgetful, and generally stoned, you have THC to thank.

THC produces these effects by binding to receptors in the brain while CBD spreads out in the body. More about that shortly.

So THC hits your brain and bonds to receptors that control dopamine. Dopamine is bringer of good vibes and makes you feel great. THC additionally disturbs the usual way the hippocampus area of the brain processes information and sends signals. This is one reason you’re likely to be forgetful when you’re stoned.

THC can also induce hallucinations, but they’re quite mild when compared to other psychadelics. Eating a large amount of cannabis can make you feel trippy, however, and that’s THC’s doing also.

THC And CBD: CBD Is A Well Traveled Healer

CBD is more likely to affect other body systems rather than the brain. Additionally, it doesn’t create any intoxication and instead may even temper your high.

CBD makes its way to receptors all over the body that regulate things like hunger, mood, pain, and all of the things you hear cannabis can soothe or cure.

THC Heavy Strains Vs CBD Heavy

While growers cultivated heavy THC strains in the past, CBD dominant strains are now growing in popularity. By manipulating these strains to be more healing and less heady, growers capitalize on the medical marijuana market.

CBD And THC Explained

Now you get it!

Pot contains both THC and CBD. Essentially, THC is psychoactive and produces psychological impacts. CBD affects the body and psyche, however not in a way that causes a high. It might reduce anxiety or depression or alleviate body issues, but it won’t cause the same euphoria that THC can. CBD likes to remain off camera.


The next time you light up, think a bit about how cannabis works its wonders on you from the inside out. This plant surely seems complete with both fun highs and supportive help to the body.

Thanks, mother Ganj!

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