How To Make BHO

How To Make BHO

How to make BHO is one of those questions that may be best asked in an effort to understand what it is. Making cannabis compounds is not a task for everyone because it involves some risk. Additionally, you’ll need specific equipment to pull it off. By taking a look at the basics of how to make BHO, however, we can really uncover what it is. You’ll see that once we do, the name makes so much sense.

You Make BHO With Butane, Hence The Name

The name BHO stands for butane honey oil and this name actually tells us some things about how it’s made. Most cannabis compounds start out as oil, which may be called cannabis oil or honey oil. In order to turn cannabis trimmings or bud into the beautiful golden or amber oil you know as oil, you need a solvent.

This solvent flushes through the cannabis and knocks off trichomes that contain terpenes and cannabinoids, or otherwise extracts these active compounds in cannabis and reduces them to an oil like state.

See, also, vanilla?

For instance, if you want to make vanilla extract, you use alcohol to coax the flavinoids out of the seed pods and therefore end up with vanilla flavored alcohol. Alcohol isn’t safe to vape or smoke, so a diferent solvent is necessary with cannabis extracts or concentrates.

This solvent could be carbon dioxide, cold water, butane or propane. While some concentrates like rosin are made with heat and pressure, most result from solvent processing.

When you buy BHO, you’re buying cannabis oil that was made with butane as solvent.

When You Make BHO Is Butane Left Over?

There shouldn’t be any appreciable amount of butane in your BHO and many of the BHOs you see at dispensaries are tested to ensure this. The BHO is heated and the oil is distilled from it, unlike our example with the vanilla and the alcohol.

If you are still buying your cannabis underground, it’s hard to be sure how pure your BHO is, which is one reason some remain skeptical about chemically processed concentrates.

If You Make BHO Is It Stronger Than Cannabis?

BHO is much stronger than smoking cannabis but exact numbers are difficult to peg. It’s safe to say any BHO you vape will be at least twice as strong as smoking a bowl and more likely much stronger still.

This appeals to many people who want to consume less cannabis but still feel high. Conversely, if the strain used is CBD heavy, you’ll get even more medicinal effects than if you smoked the CBD dominant strain.

Is It Dangerous To Make BHO?

It isn’t dangerous to make BHO if you know what you’re doing, have a designated area to do this in, get some training, and work with a closed extraction system. We don’t recommend that you run to YouTube and call up a few vids and then try it yourself. If you really want to learn how to make BHO yourself, try finding someone who already does this and asking to help.

They’ll give you more hands on information that this sort article ever could.

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