How To Make PHO

How To Make PHO

How To Make PHO

What’s PHO? There are several types of cannabis concentrates and PHO is merely one of them. While they are all fundamentally the same, there are actually variations. These variations include just how they’re produced and the way they look and feel. PHO, for example, stands for Propane Hash Oil. From the title you are able to see it’s made with propane and looks like oil. It’s a thick fluid, for instance.

Here’s a quick look at what a PHO dab looks like. This PHO has a consistency more like budder or crumble.

This brings up another good point. Wax may be PHO. Shatter could also be PHO. While most people call concentrates by the consistency description some will still refer to how it was made and call even a wax PHO. A little confusing, I know but it will make more sense as you read on.

How To Make PHO: Concentrate Basics

As we learn about cannabis it is apparent that this particular plant is not simply about getting stoned. Cannabis concentrates deliver a strong dose so if you’re taking CBD heavy medical cannabis you’ll receive a potent healing. If you just want to get lifted, a THC heavy strain packs a strong punch as a concentrate too. You get more for less with dabs, basically.

The thing is, PHO starts out the same as all cannabis as a plant. The plant is actually raised the same way any cannabis sold for smoking is. After harvest, the cannabis is additionally processed and refined. The strain of plant imparts its certain mix of terpenes, cannabinoids, and flavinoids into the PHO.

These are the concentrate basics.

How To Make PHO: Why The Propane?

PHO is actually a cannabis concentrate made with propane. Which seems frightening, but when processed properly, the propane is eliminated before it is sold.

There are two types of extraction systems: open and closed. Closed systems are more secure and that’s what we’ll talk about here. In this particular system type, a solvent (propane) runs through cannabis and draws out those cannabinoids and terpenes mentioned earlier. It extracts them.

From there, the butane is actually processed out so all that remains is a tasty sludge of compounds that will knock your socks off. PHO is like smoking stronger marijuana without actually smoking marijuana at all.

How To Make PHO: Oil vs Shatter vs Wax

Your wax or shatter may have started its journey as PHO. The change in consistency results after further processing. Sometimes extraction temperatures also cause texture changes in the finished product.

For the most part, however, wax is whipped or manipulated during cooling and shatter is left to get rigid and brittle.

How To Make PHO: Watch A Lab Make A Dab

We can’t stress enough that you should not try making PHO at home if you are a beginner. The set up and procedure can be dangerous. Watching how it’s done will give you a deeper level of understanding, however.

This will help you understand how wax and crumble is made as well. By the way, you can read more about these forms of cannabis concentrate right here at Blazed Again.

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