Roll Your Own: Perfecting Rolling A Blunt

//Roll Your Own: Perfecting Rolling A Blunt

Roll Your Own: Perfecting Rolling A Blunt

Rolling A Blunt Flawlessly

If you prefer glass, it may be hard to accept anyone’s love for joints, spliffs and blunts. There are several appealing things about passing the dutchie to the left hand side, however. Let us review the advantages and disadvantages.

The Benefits Of Rolling A Blunt

Ever attempted to pass a bowl around without being spotted? It is not really easy. While it is true someone may sniff you out, it is not immediately apparent that you are smoking marijuana. This works a lot better if you are by yourself. Overall, the group of others could give you out.

Many individuals like the flavor associated with a blunt, particularly a genuine one rather than the green apple flavored wrapper you got in the corner shop. No hating on that, however we have all been there.

You simply spark the blunt once and in case it is rolled well it ought to keep going rather some time. You can provide for many friends at the same time with relatively little effort and fuss.

Reasons To Pass On Rolling A Blunt

It requires a great deal of bud to roll an excellent joint. It is perfect when a number of friends will also be throwing in.


Stay away from friends that do not understand how to maintain the saliva of theirs to themselves or even take a tip along in the travel rig of yours.

Smoking the cannabis of yours outside of tobacco leaf delivers some nicotine into the knowledge. Several individuals enjoy this and some have no interest in including an additional substance on the mix. This’s up for you and the preferences of yours.

Step By Step Guide On Rolling A Blunt

Enough with the formalities. Let us discover ways to come a huge, beautiful blunt.

  1. Grind your cannabis into a fine but not powder consistency.
  2. Prepare your blunt wrap. If you use a real cigar you’ll have to slice open the side of it and knock out the tobacco. If you’re using a wrapper, just remove it from the package.
  3. Spread your cannabis inside the cigar or wrapper as you would a joint. Aim for an even amount all along the tube. If you’re using a wrap you’ll have to shape it into a tube to put the cannabis inside. An empty cigar will already be the right shape.
  4. Roll it up using light pressure keeping your fingers firm. With a wrap, you need to tuck the end and create a cone as you roll. The technique is slightly different with a cigar so see the videos below for extra details.
  5. Wet the seam with your tongue and roll and press the blunt together.
  6. Add a tip on the wrap if you want.

Watch These Videos On Rolling A Blunt

Here are two reference vids for your perusal.

Blunts With Wraps

Blunts With Cigars

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