All About Cannabis Oil

//All About Cannabis Oil

All About Cannabis Oil

Today it’s all about cannabis oil and what this term really means. First, there are a few different names you may hear instead of cannabis oil- we’ll review those. Next, we’ll talk a bit about how cannabis oil is made. Then we’ll talk about why cannabis oil is so prized in the medical marijuana community.

This quick guide exists to get you up to speed with minimal effort. If you want to really dive into the incredible world of medical cannabis oil and CBD, we have some links for you to check out at the end.

All About Cannabis Oil: What Is It?

Cannabis oil is a liquid form of cannabis. In order to create cannabis oil, some processing occurs to separate the plant’s active compounds and flavor components. So the first thing to understand is when you use cannabis oil you are ingesting a refined, pure dose of cannabinoids, terpenes and flavinoids rather than the entire flower of the plant.

When we say ‘pure’ we mean separated from the vegetable material of cannabis. As you will see, not all cannabis oil is pure in the truest sense of the word.

All About Cannabis Oil: How Is Cannabis Oil Made?

Most cannabis oil is hydrocarbon extracted. This means propane or butane passes over cannabis to extract the active compounds. The next step is purging the solvent from the terpenes, flavinoids and cannabinoids. This happens inside a closed vacuum system although you can put it in an oven also.

The resulting extract is a lot like pine sap and up to 80% more potent than most cannabis alone.

All About Cannabis Oil: Why Do People Use Cannabis Oil?

There are a few reasons people turn to cannabis oil instead of smoking marijuana the traditional way.

More About Cannabis Oil: It’s Safer

You can vape cannabis oil which isolates you from the dangers associated with smoking. While smoking cannabis isn’t as harmful as smoking cigarettes, evidence suggests that inhaling burning substances isn’t good for you. It can lead to breathing problems and infection regardless of what you’re smoking.

Conversely, the current evidence available suggests that vaping is saferĀ as long as you vape at safe temperatures. Temperature does seem to matter when it comes to vape safety so please look into that if you’re obsessed with dabs. Moving on…

More About Cannabis Oil: It’s Stronger

Because cannabis oil is a refined cannabis product, it has a higher percentage of cannabinoids in it. Cannabinoids are the compounds in the plant that create the feeling of being high. They also impact how cannabis acts in your body and a variety of beneficial medical effects. Different cannabinoids do different things, but they’re what you’re using cannabis for in the first place.

Cannabis users find they need less cannabis oil to achieve the same effect when compared to smoking cannabis. This is like taking a prescription medicine instead of something you can buy in the drugstore.

More About Cannabis Oil: Vape Cartridges

While you need some specialized equipment to dab, most dispensaries carry cannabis oil vape cartridges. These carts are hooked to a small battery that powers them. The cartridge is filled with cannabis oil and these are extremely easy to use.

In fact, they’re just like popular over the counter nicotine ecigs. Some are disposable while some cartridges are refillable.

There is something serious to consider, however. It’s hard to be sure exactly what’s in these pre-filled cannabis oil cartridges. Many are mixed with thinners so they perform well in vape pens that aren’t equipped to handle viscous liquids. Others are mixed with added terpenes, however there are safety risks with adding terps. This includes where the terpenes themselves originated.

There is good news, however. CO2 extracted cannabis oil is thin enough to vape in most cartridges. If you know your product was extracted this way, you’re much closer to a safe dab.

All About Cannabis Oil: Read More

So now you understand some of the benefits and pitfalls of using cannabis oil. If you want to understand more about CBD cannabis oil for medical use, Project CBD is a great resource.

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