Luxury Marijuana Accessory Subscription Box

//Luxury Marijuana Accessory Subscription Box

Luxury Marijuana Accessory Subscription Box

There’s a more costly, luxury marijuana market that caters to folks willing to spend almost $3,000 for a joint and hundreds for luxury marijuana accessory subscription boxes. If you’ve been eyeing any like 420GoodyBox, Hemper, or SensiBox, wait until you get a look at their extravagant cousins!

There are more than just pricey subscription boxes to consider, too. For instance, are you ready for high-end luxury cannabis lifestyle brands?

How Can Those Lazy Stoners Afford A Bougie Marijuana Accessory Subscription Box?

While a lot of individuals might think of recreational marijuana smokers as grungy stoners, a remarkable study from Miner and Co. Studio has uncovered an upscale cannabis consumer. The world is going to have to adjust to the idea that we’re not all a bunch of grifters who can’t get off the sofa. It turns out that nearly 90% of cannabis consumers have full time jobs and more than 60 % have a household income of $75,000 or even more.

AuBox Luxury Marijuana Accessory Subscription Box

The AuBox is a carefully curated box of either CBD products and/or THC products based on the state you live in. It was developed by Jessica VerSteeg. You might recognize VerSteeg from The Amazing Race or when she won Miss Iowa.

These boxes are heavily curated and even gender specific. They’re super luxe and include fun products like cannabis infused coffee, body butters and high end edibles. There are several different luxury boxes to choose from and they hover around $1,000 a month.

This would certainly make an awesome gift to someone or to yourself, but would you pay it?!

ClubM Luxury Marijuana Accessory Subscription Box

Another company called ClubM offers expensive cannabis accessory boxes. The M1K retails for $1,000 and features cannabis products as True Humbolt and lolalola Cannabis delivered in a high end custom packaging. We’re talking apothecary humidors and genuine leather scent free purses. The package is exclusively available to ClubM members and contains cannabis, vapes, edibles, and weed related accessories.

Want to spend more? Next, there is the M2Box for $2,000.

The co founder calls it a’ hyper premium quality product.’ That would need to be correct for the cost!


Luxury Marijuana Accessory Subscription Boxes Aren’t All

These boxes aren’t the only luxe cannabis culture emerging from the changing legal climate in the US. Another company, called Canndescent, wants to satisfy cannabis enthusiasts with a lot of disposable income.

“Call us the Courvoisier of cannabis or Hermès of cannabis. We’re going after that high-end adult use,” Adrian Sedlin, founder and CEO.

So Sedlin is building a high-end lifestyle brand featuring cannabis as the continuous thread.

Decorating with Canndescent Create. ✨

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Diego Pellicer is yet another example of posh pot culture. This premium cannabis company is a dispensary and self described destination retailer. Their flagship store is in Washington.

That’s a world away from sliding some cash through a slot in a door!

Splurge On Marijuana Accessory Subscription Boxes You Can Afford

Let’s face it, most of us can only dream of this kind of smoking experience. If you’re looking for a smaller splurge, definitely check out the subscriptions we mentioned in the intro to this article.  For your ease of clickage, those were 420GoodyBox, Hemper, or SensiBox . These services have several options to choose from and one that you can probably work into your budget. They’re still super fun to recieve and you won’t have to take out a second mortgage.

If you’ve got the cash to roll with the big dogs and get one of the luxury marijuana accessory subscription boxes, send us screen shots. We want to drool a little.

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