Pot Potions: Drink Cannabis Tincture

//Pot Potions: Drink Cannabis Tincture

Pot Potions: Drink Cannabis Tincture

Drink cannabis tincture for a smokeless dose of medicine. Ideal for patients treating conditions, this method is also great for anyone. In spite of this, tinctures aren’t the most popular consumption method. While you do have to plan ahead to keep tincture on hand, it’s a great alternative to smoking and vaping.

Drink Cannabis Tincture: What Is It?

Cannabis tincture is an extraction. Like a concentrate, a tincture draws the cannabinoids from the plant and into a medium you can drink. People use alcohol and vegetable glycerin.

While it’s difficult to know how potent the tincture is at first, dosing is easy. Edibles are a different story, however. Eat a brownie and you have no idea how strong it is (dispensary edibles are an exception). Additionally, eating cannabis takes longer to produce effects.

Tincture is different because you can measure the dose with a dropper or scale easily. Microdose the first time and adjust your ideal amount from there. You should feel the effects in about half the time compared to an edible. This, in turn, allows you to take more if you need to.

Drink Cannabis Tincture: Storage

Your cannabis tincture stays fresh for a long time. You can safely store it up to six months or longer. Keeping it in an airtight container is crucial. Another way to keep your tincture fresh is to store it in a cool, dry place away from the sun.

Drink Cannabis Tincture: Usage

Drop 1-2 mls under your tongue and go about your business, or get creative by mixing your tincture into food or drinks. Cannabis cocktails, anyone?

Remember to start out slowly and wait to feel the effects of your first dose before charging ahead.

Drink Cannabis Tincture: What You Need To Make It

To make cannabis tincture you need containers to put your mix in, a medium (alcohol or VG), a strainer and cannabis. The only other thing you need is time. It takes time to brew and steep. Therefore, you need to wait quite a while before it’s ready to consume.

Speed this process up by decarboxylating your cannabis first. If you do this, you can steep 24 hours or even overnight and have a potent tincture.

Drink Cannabis Tincture: How To Make Cannabis Tincture From Fresh Cannabis (Green Dragon)

  • Grind or crush your marijuana- the amount doesn’t matter but less than an eighth isn’t really worth your time.
  • Dump it in a mason jar. While you can reuse any glass jar with a lid, make sure you clean it really well before you do this.
  • Pick the alcohol you like best (or VG) and pour it into the jar. Fill to the top.
  • Seal the jar and shake.
  • Put your tincture in a cool, dark, warm place for 8-10 weeks but shake it every day.
  • Strain it with a coffee filter or cheese cloth and return it to the jar for storage. You can pour some in a small dropper bottle for use just about anywhere.

If you’re using decarboxylated cannabis (or bud you’ve already vaped), you can steep it 10-24 hours and be ready to go.

That’s right, you can make cannabis tincture with bud you’ve already vapedDoesn’t get much better than that!


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