Learn How To Vape Wax

//Learn How To Vape Wax

Learn How To Vape Wax

You will find a great deal of advantages to vaping cannabis over smoking it especially when you learn to get around the initial barriers. These include investing in new equipment. Using pre-filled vape cartridges is an easy way to vape wax and shatter. Learn how to make your own THC ejuice so you can experience the right, affordable way to smoke wax out of a vape pen isn’t as elusive as you think, thankfully.

Figuring out how you can smoke wax out of a vape pen begins and ends with picking the appropriate product to turn your concentrate into liquid. Lucky for you, the industry is responding to this demand.

Learn How To Vape Wax: The Benefits

Turning cannabis concentrate into ejuice is discrete, affordable and convenient. These are significant advantages that make this method attractive to a lot of marijuana lovers.

First, vaping ejuice circumvents the harmful results of smoking.

The next enticing fact about vaping is when you load your THC into an ecig, no one is going to know you are vaping wax. The scent is almost nonexistant and your ecig looks the same as a 1000 others filled with nicotine.

Until recently, the sole method to get cannabis into an ecig involved some sketchy maneuvers that were foolproof or dangerous. Thankfully, vaping cannabis wax is a lot easier than ever.

Yet another huge benefit to vaping is that making your own cannabis ejuice is an affordable way to consume cannabis. Based on what concentrates cost near you, it could be cheaper compared to smoking cannabis flower. Despite regular smoking, we find a gram of wax lasts at least a week. Just how much you use will be totally individual, however.

Do you want to make $800 of cartridges with $100 of concentrate? That’s astoundingly cheaper than you’ll find them in a dispensary.

Learn How To Vape Wax: Choosing Your Vape

Before we explore products to turn your cannabis wax into vape juice, you want an ecig.

If you already have an ecig, you you can vape wax with it as long as it has a clearomizer or a cartomizer  to refill. These cartridges are the same as smokers use to vape nicotine.

You will find sophisticated vape rigs and very simple 2 or perhaps 3 part setups and any of these vapes are able to handle cannabis wax.

It is really useful to a lot of individuals to make use of a device they currently own to vape wax. All things considered, you will save money on start up costs so that you are able to splurge on more wax.

Look for carts you can refill, that have good wicking ability. The cotton wick in the vape has to draw the ejuice up in order to work properly. Your cannabis wax juice will be slightly thicker than nicotine juice. You can absolutely thin down any ejuice you’re making yourself and we’ll explain how.

Learn How To Vape Wax: Making Your Own Wax Ejuice

When your vape is ready, you have to physically turn your wax into vape juice. To do this, you need to mix it with something so it stays in liquid form.

Unfortunately, melting the wax itself will not work. It is way too heavy to soak into the wick of most vapes. People have tried to come up with their own mixing medium by mixing vegetable glycerin and PEG or PG, but these mixes usually separate. It’s hard to get it just right.

If you’d like to leave the chemistry to someone else and just vape some wax, try the leading product on the market: Wax Liquidizer.

There are other products out there that do the same thing, but Wax Liquidizer offers superior emulsification so the liquid does not separate when it comes back to room temperature. It taste great (choose from a few flavors or unflavored), works well and is the easiest to mix of all we’ve tried.

And between all of us in the office, we’ve tried them all. Read more about how they stack up at Liquidizer Reviews. We find this site really objective and systematic with their reviews.

After you have chosen your liquidizer product, you have to put in the right amount into a heat proof container. Follow the directions that come with the product to get a starting ratio. You can tweak it later for a stronger and thicker or weaker and thinner mix.

Add your wax next and put the mixture into the microwave for a couple seconds. If you prefer, use a hot water bath to warm up the mix to help it incorporate.

Stir things up and load it into your vape tank. Wax Liquidizer comes with a blunt tip syringe to make this easy.

Learn How To Vape Wax: Enjoy The Freedom Of Vaping On The Go

Even if this doesn’t replace smoking a bowl, give vaping wax a shot! It’s a discreet portable way to get your THC or CBD on. Not to mention the biggest benefit of all: savings! If you make your own cannabis vape juice you could significantly lower your cannabis costs. The Joint Blog sees a yield of $800 worth of THC infused vape cartridges with just $100 of concentrate!

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