What Is Cannabis Culture?

//What Is Cannabis Culture?

What Is Cannabis Culture?

What Is Cannabis Culture?

When individuals share similar interests, culture develops. Cannabis culture is everything from the smoking ritual to cleaning your glass to the music many of us prefer.  For some fun, today we’re examining our rich marijuana culture by looking closer at some of the aspects of it.

Cannabis Culture: The Smoking Circle

It’s almost like we group up by instinct. We always get it done, but seldom talk about it. Someone asked us to enroll in a smoke circle at a party once and we’ve participated ever since.

As you might expect, there’s not a huge amount of information about regarding the reason why people smoke marijuana in a circle so we have to form several educated conclusions from some other historical smoking or bonding etiquette.

First of all, it is less complicated to monitor where next hit is landing when everyone’s in a circle. Additionally, it protects your activities slightly from outsiders. These are two obvious practical reasons why we smoke in a circle.

Does this tradition reach back further, however? Does it relate to the custom at the turn of the century where men retired to a smoking room? Not precisely a circle, however certainly a group.

In addition, native cultures often participated in smoking ceremonies that involve a circle. While we can’t be sure if this relates to our pot culture, it is nice to consider.

In fact, there are many instances of circling up in some other religious sessions which don’t involve smoking.

Circles feature prominently in Wiccan rituals where they are believed to link the participants and also have a sort of electricity circuit effect.


Cannabis Culture: Incense

Interestingly, incense is both associated with cannabis and spiritual practice. Of course, the smell helps cut back on the apparent marijuana stink. Incense is transformative and ethereal also, however. It’s the same for anointing yourself with a few essential oils. Both these activities cut back on the distinctive scent of cannabis but their history reaches even more back than that into mysticism and religion.

Do all of these items relate since they are spiritual? Is that a stretch? It is difficult to say! You will find lots of individuals who continue to work with cannabis for religious reasons, however.


Cannabis Culture: Tamp That Bowl Down

When you’re smoking a bowl, you have to tamp down the contents every now and then. Many of us reach for the butt of our lighters which are perfect for the job. This leaves a telltale black mark which actually helps us identify each other without a word.

We may not realize it, but if you think back I bet you can remember a time when you spied a black lighter bottom and had a smirk to yourself about the realization that your coworker puffs tough.

Cannabis Culture: Politics

Because of marijuana’s ties to the hippie movement, people who smoke are generally thought to be liberal or progressive. This doesn’t mean all cannabis users lean left, but since cannabis use is often enjoyed by artists, free thinkers and people considered on the fridge of regular society.

Now that cannabis is legal in many parts of the US, we should see this change. Removing the stigma of illegal activity opens cannabis up to a whole new demographic. You don’t have to be a renegade on either side of the aisle to enjoy marijuana for recreation or certainly medical use.

Cannabis Culture: 420

Speaking of the hippie movement, it’s accepted that the 420 phenomenon arose out of these formative years of cannabis’ identity in counter culture. For many years, people wondered how the trend caught on and it became a legend that we all repeated or consumed.

Read more about the history of 420 as explained by Wax Liquidizer.

Cannabis Culture: A Tie That Binds

Whether you agree with any or none of this, it’s interesting to discuss what cannabis culture is really made of.

What do you think associates most cannabis users that you know?

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