Make Friends With These Cannabis Apps

//Make Friends With These Cannabis Apps

Make Friends With These Cannabis Apps

Make Friends With These Cannabis Apps

Sometimes, you just want a few new friends to toke up with. Other times, you’re looking for love but know how difficult it can be. After all, you also love cannabis, and non cannafans aren’t always in it for the long haul.

Because marijuana is a social substance, it’s natural to want some companions who enjoy getting high. Whether you just moved to a new area or just love meeting new people, these apps are here to help.

Cannabis Apps #1: Duby

Duby is a social networking app that mixes your viral content potential with finding friends. The more you use it, the more you’ll see your network and score on the app grow.

Similar to Instagram, photos are king on Duby. Users share and hope others will pass it to somebody else on the app. This’s sort of like tagging a friend on IG. Conversely, if others believe you are boring af, they could put you out. This doesn’t suggest your post to anybody else.

Swipe right or left on anything in your feed to pass or put it out. Everybody receives a score that relates to how frequently they have been passed on.

Comments are enabled under posts and direct messaging exists too. It is quite fun and the more people who jump on it, the larger it will grow.

Cannabis Apps #2: 420 Friends

420 Friends is a free, 420 friendly Tinder/Facebook mashup for cannabis enthusiasts worldwide. Like Tinder, you swipe right to show interest in somebody. Then, unlimited messaging helps you connect. There are also group chats, moments, blogs, and all sorts of social features.

The swiping function is called Spark, by the way. Super cute.

Cannabis Apps #3: High There!

High There! is a community of cannabis users who would like to meet folks that share their hobbies. This app is great for finding both friends and potential dates. You answer several questions about how passionately you feel about marijuana. The AI uses that and your other interests to pair you with potential friends.

Once you’ve found each other, communicate inside the app or take it to text to move things to the next level.

Cannabis Apps #4: 420 Singles

420 Singles is a dating website and app designed to connect you to other single people who love cannabis and share your interests. In addition to matching you with other 420 singles in your area, you’ll get news about cannabis activities and events. This delivers you awesome ideas for dates and people to go on them with.

Don’t forget the stash.

Cannabis Apps: Do You Use Them?

Are you using any canna-centric apps to keep your marijuana love away from Aunt Sally on Facebook? Do you think these kinds of networks are necessary or overkill?

Are we just calling any dating site a social network now? Perhaps! But these apps are great to check out if you’re traveling for the weekend or relocating to a new town. You’ll quickly find some cool people to sesh and chill with.

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