Masking The Smell of Weed

//Masking The Smell of Weed

Masking The Smell of Weed

Masking the smell of weed is something pot lovers have long been after. How can you use cannabis discreetly to avoid a public intoxication issue? How can you get your medication without upsetting your relatives? What if kids are around? These are real concerns we deal with daily, even places with legal marijuana.

In the past, your only options were sketchy at best. You could make a spoof and hope for the best, exhaling all of your hits into it. Air purifiers, incense, candles and perfume help but don’t offer a surefire solution.

Masking The Smell Of Weed: The Actual Way To Use Cannabis Discreetly

If you want the stealthiest high you have to think about vape cartridges. Vaping cannabis in a cartridge delivers a powerful effect with significantly less odor than smoking.

We all know dabbing is more powerful than smoking because the terpenes and cannabinoids are so concentrated. Did you also realize that vapor smells fainter than smoke? It really is the best way to use cannabis on the go.

Masking The Smell Of Weed: More About Vape Carts

When it comes to vaping weed in a pen or vape, you have a couple of options. You can purchase a whole pen, battery and cartridge, at a dispensary. These are already pre-filled with cannabis oil. Sometimes they have ‘thinners’ mixed with the oil as well. These thinners help the juice wick better so you don’t suffer dry hits. Not all pre-filled carts contain thinners, but some do so it’s good to ask questions when you’re shopping.

You can also buy pre-filled carts that screw on to any battery you like. This way you can just buy replacement carts and not the entire vape pen when you run out.

Finally, you can purchase your own thinner (there are several brands, check out Liquidizer Reviews for a great run down on them and how they work) and make your own. While you are adding something to the cannabis oil, it is a minute amount. Additionally, by making your own you can control the ratio.

Avoid brands that are shady about their ingredients. While you won’t find an exact ingredient list because the formulas are proprietary, you are entitled to know what you’re vaping. Liquidizer Reviews speaks on this topic and can point you in the right direction to the most transparent brands.

Masking The Smell Of Weed: Tone It Down Without A Vape Pen

If you’re anti-vape for some reason, you’re left with the old tried and true options to eliminate pot smell. Get a little incense going before you start smoking and that will help. Opening a window or turning on the bathroom exhaust fan can also help. This circulates clean air into your house.

Going outside is always an option as long as the coast is clear.

You can also make or buy a spoof and blow your hits into it while hoping for the best.

Finally, wash your hands, brush your teeth and try not to wipe any of the sticky icky from your hands onto your clothes.

Good luck!

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