What Do Trichomes Look Like?

//What Do Trichomes Look Like?

What Do Trichomes Look Like?

What Do Trichomes Look Like?

Trichomes are minuscule glands on the cannabis plant that secrete resin. That resin packs a lot of power, however. That’s where all the cannabinoids are, after all. You probably know resin as the stuff that makes good weed sticky, but do you know how the plant uses it?

Let’s learn more about the part of marijuana that makes us high: trichomes. Cannabis isn’t the only plant that has these hairlike protrusions either.

What Do Trichomes Look Like?

While trichomes are compact, you can see them slightly. They look a lot like tiny alien hairs along the stem and leaves of the plant.

Believe it or not, there are more than 10 types of trichomes. They’re not all found on cannabis, however. Plants of many varieties sport trichomes and you’ve probably seen them yourselves on the stems of some wild flowers. Obviously, the trichomes of other plants are not necessarily psychoactive.

Plants use trichomes to deflect radiation, decrease temperature or insulate the plant and assist in water retention. They also keep bugs away in many instances.

Some carnivorous plants even use trichomes that secrete sticky fluid to trap prey for digestion. Certain plants have stinging trichomes as well.

Luckily for us, we eat marijuana and not the other way around. What a way to go, though!

What Do Trichomes Look Like? Live Resin

We are here to break down the viscous and fresh cannabis secretion that makes some marijuana tacky to the touch. This is sometimes called live resin. The plant uses this resin to protect itself from infection and infiltration.

If the plant is injured, the resin flows to the affected area to seal it off. This keeps anything dangerous from getting into the plant.

Inside the resin are cannabinoids. These are the chemical substances in marijuana that react in our bodies. Guess what makes the resin? Trichomes.



What Do Trichomes Look Like? The Key To Hash

It is well worth noting that the trichomes are the the primary ingredient in hash making. When making bubble hash, water acts as a solvent to lift the trichomes off the cannabis. A good solid thrashing helps separate them. Next, the resulting slurry can be strained. Since all the trichomes containing terpenes and cannabinoids are the end result, the hash is flavorful and potent.

With BHO based concentrates, butane is used as a solvent but the outcome is akin. Trichomes release the parts of the marijuana plant we prize most.

What Do Trichomes Look Like? A Hairy Time For Bugs, A Great Time For Us

While cannabis probably uses trichomes to deter pests and protect the plant from infection, we like the way it makes us feel. There is a balance in everything, it seems.

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