You’re Jelly For These Incredible Dab Rigs

//You’re Jelly For These Incredible Dab Rigs

You’re Jelly For These Incredible Dab Rigs

Whether you’re in the market for a new dab rig or you just love heady glass, on some level you’re jelly for these incredible dab rigs. It’s hard not to covet them, and I’m sure the owners and creators won’t mind.

Kick back and relax while this wave of mesmerizing glass porn washes over you.

Incredible Dab Rigs #1

incredible dab rigs 1

The Burtoni & Euphoria Squid Chopper Dab RigΒ is sick. It’s evil looking and a swirl of cool jewel tones. It seems almost alive as it stares back at you which is always a bonus in a rig. Aren’t we all a sucker for the ones with eyes?

It’s armed with some kind of cannon too so it’s ready if you get into a jam together. Maybe there is also a sled? I’m not sure but it’s dark, mysterious and stunning.

Incredible Dab Rigs #2

incredible dab rigs 2

This Quadruple Bubbler Rig manages to look like a creature or monster even without a face. It appears ready to leap off the table. At the same time, it has a cartoony, bubbly look about it that’s very charming. It’s really soothing to look at but also makes my brain work. It seems really well suited to stoner art.

No bright colors or flashy glow in the dark stuff with this rig. It still impresses with its unique overall shape and functionality.

Incredible Dab Rigs #3

incredible dab rigs 3

Ok, so The Toy Box Silicone Dab Rig isn’t exactly luxurious, but it’s incredible because it’s made out of sillicone. Beside the small metal piece, this diminutive beast is completely indestructible! It’s very close to indestructible at any rate.

It’s also the most affordable piece in this article. If you’re enchanted by the rig’s whimsical feel, grab it without any guilt! These types of setups are ideal for festivals and camping because they’re easy to pack. This one is only slightly taller than a lighter.

Incredible Dab Rigs #4

The Dabado not only has a catchy name, it has a fresh look. It’s a little bit tech looking and slightly alien like many good bits of glass are. It’s little but big enough to give you something to work with.

Check out the brand on Instagram or the web to see some more photos of this neat little gadget. I feel the obsession starting right now, actually.

Incredible Dab Rigs #5

A little jammer indeed! This little guy should be my new best friend. We’d look so cute together. Again, I’m a sucker for a cool colored glass piece and this has a great shape as well. It’s very artfully blown- kudos to the creator.

Eeek- It’s little toes! It’s too much!

If you’d like to see more of wickedpissa’s glass, IG is the place to be.

Incredible Dab Rigs #6

Next up is a full video on the Honeycomb Vortex Dab Rig brough to us by Crutch 420 on YouTube. This is a very industrial looking piece that’s heavy duty. It looks armed for bear, so to speak. I’m sure it can handle anything!

Its simplistic design is what helps it stand out. Sometimes, when done well, the bare bones style is awesome for glass.

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