Learn Each Part Of The Cannabis Bud

//Learn Each Part Of The Cannabis Bud

Learn Each Part Of The Cannabis Bud

Learn Each Part Of The Cannabis Bud

Cannabis sativa, C. indica, C. ruderalis are all different species of cannabis. Sativa plants are recognized for their skinny leaves, long flowering times, tall stature, and heady, stimulating buzz. Indicas are considered shorter, bushy plants with wide leaves. They have a reuputation for delivering a sedating, body high. Ruderalis is the feral, ancestral relative. This type of cannabis isn’t cultivated because of its low THC content.

The name Cannabis is an adaptation of an old word for the hemp plant . It also became the name of the genus that includes both the drug and hemp varieties of the plant. Sativa means “cultivated” in Latin.  Similarly, Indica is Latin for “of India.” Ruderalis comes from the Latin rūdera, which means “rubble or lump.” Ruderal is so named because it easily appears out of no where anytime competing plants are cleared away and therefore grows out of rubble.

The Cannabis Bud: A Fantastic Flower

The scientific word describing a grouping of blossoms on a stem is inflorescence. Cannabis is a shining example of this occurance. Marijuana produces inflorescences that reach above the plant in impressive columns of blooms.

Interestingly, male cannabis plants do not flower like female plants do, though they do produce tiny,  yellow or pale green flowers that suspend on a long green stem. They are super low in cannabinoids so nobody really cares about poor Daddy MJ.

the cannabis bud

Male Cannabis Sativa flowers

Growers cultivate female cannabis plants since female marijuana flowers, or buds, are packed with psychoactive and medicinal cannabinoids. The beautiful, extraterrestrial looking cola of plants at harvest time is awesome.

The Cannabis Bud: Meet The Cola

the cannabis bud

The Soaring Cannabis Cola

A cannabis cola is a group of buds on a cannabis plant or, the inflorescence we talked about above. These develop vertically, usually in cone shapes. A plant could have only one cola or many, multiple colas. Cultivation methods play a role in the way the cola develops and things like FIMing and Topping aim to make more colas. They’re arguably most incredible part of the cannabis plant.

The Cannabis Bud: Meet The Calyx


Calyxes develop first as the plant blooms. Their job necessitates sheltering and protecting the plant’s reproductive organs: the trichomes and pistils.

Several petal like sepals make up the calyx .

The Cannabis Bud: Meet The Pistil

cannabis bud

Pistils reside within the calyx, extending from the cola and enclosing the plant’s reproductive system. Thus, the pistil’s task is attracting pollen from insects, the atmosphere and environment around the plant. Pistils are unique from strain to strain and contain resin which further protects the plant from harm.

This resin is also full of cannabinoids.

The Cannabis Bud: Meet The Trichomes

Trichomes are small glands on the plant which secrete resin. In turn, the resin has terpenes and cannabinoids. These substances form the plant’s altering influences and taste profile, respectively.

The trichomes are very small but essential nevertheless.


The Cannabis Bud: A Whole Greater Than Its Parts

The beautiful cannabis flower is useful for the plant and attractive to us. Within it, healing and perspective reside.

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