What Is A Cannabis Cola?

//What Is A Cannabis Cola?

What Is A Cannabis Cola?

What Is A Cannabis Cola?

You may think your cannabis knowledge is adequate, but how about marijuana anatomy? Sure, you can tell a good bag from swag and might even know a little something about growing. But do you really understand weed anatomy?

The cola is the perfect place to start. Its massive profile inspires appreciation in all who gaze upon her. Except that pesky sheriff, of course.

Dissecting The Cannabis Cola: What is it?

Cola is the name of the type of flower cannabis grows. It’s also called an inflorescence. Cannabis plants may grow several colas (growers train them to do this even more) but one is generally dominant. Only the female cannabis plants produce flowers like this. Males produce a different type of flower we’ll describe later.

The small blossoms that cluster on the overall cola are sometimes called popcorn buds.

The cola’s job is to soak up resources the plants require. It also contains the highest concentration of cannabinoids.

Dissecting The Cannabis Cola: Cola Dominance

Marijuana plants develop a dominant cola that is stronger and larger compared to the others. This cola grows strong and big because it uses the readily available resources efficiently. Growers Top, SCROG or SOG their plants to produce multiple colas for great yields.

Those fortunate enough to encourage lots of cola generation see their profits soar.

Dissecting The Cannabis Cola: The Sum Of The Parts

The cola breaks down into many smaller parts. Here is a quick overview.


The calyx is a bunch of protective small leaves (sepals) create a spiral at the point of stem and flower.

Sugar Leaves

Sugar leaves cluster around the calyx and glisten with sticky resin to further protect the plant’s vital reproductive organs.


Pistil is the name for a plant’s reproductive organs including the stigma, style, and ovary


The stigma, together with the style and ovary makes up the pistil, which in turn is part of the gynoecium or female reproductive organ of a plant. The stigma receives the pollen for reproduction.


Trichome glands secret sticky resin that protects the plant from predators and disease. Cannabis trichomes produce resin that is also high in cannabinoids. These compounds are the active ingredients in cannabis, including THC and CBD.

For instance, dabs are a concentrated form of cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes. Terpenes carry scent compounds and also affect the body.

Is There A Male Cola?

While male cannabis plants flower, male flowers look nothing like female colas. Male blossoms are usually more like a string of small flowers shaped like small tulips. These male blossoms open and release pollen to fertilize nearby female plants.

Dissecting The Cannabis Cola: Useful To Cannabis And Humans

As you can see, the cannabis cola is truly the most functional part of the plant. It helps cannabis spread far and wide and grow healthy and strong.

Humans value the cola because it contains cannabinoids which we use for intoxication and healing.

Now you have some deeper knowledge into your favorite plant. Go forth and spread the word!

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