The SOG Grow Technique

//The SOG Grow Technique

The SOG Grow Technique

The SOG Grow Technique

SCROG vs SOG: what is the SOG growing method and how is it recognizable from the SCROG method? With all of these growing acronyms, it’s easy to get confused. Furthermore, these two share some similarities and sound almost identical. Nonetheless, they are separate methods with the same goal: more buds.

Realizing what the SOG grow technique is will allow you to nurture a healthy, plentiful cannabis crop.
Time to plunge into the Sea of Green together. We’re swim buddies.

The SOG Grow Technique: What’s SOG Growing?

SOG growing trains many small plants to produce huge yields keeping their size small and prompting early flower. SOG results in earlier results with greater profits that maximize grower revenue.

The SOG Grow Technique: SOG vs SCROG

The SCROG and SOG strategies are very different but sound similar so it’s easy to confuse the two. The primary contrast is the screen. SCROG uses a screen to help support plants as they grow. SOG is screen free.  The SOG strategy concentrates on early flowering in small plants. SCROG does also, but plants are trained along a domed screen whereas SOG plants are topped.

Is SOG Right For You?

Low and fast is the name of the SOG game. Are you happy growing strains with low profiles like Indicas? You can SOG any strain, but short ones will perform best.

Are you experienced enough to choose plant life that fits within your grow space? You’ll ultimately place plants one to two square feet apart so you have to do some math.

Can you provide 24 hours of initial light? To jumpstart growth and promote early flowering, SOG plants need 24 hours of light immediately upon entering the grow space.

Then, force flowering with a 12 hour light cycle. This prompts your cannabis to start flowering. This goal is similar in SOG and SCROG techniques.

Wait for a thick canopy of flowers to establish before you cut back the plants the very first time. When the buds appear, snip off each of the reduced hangers. This focuses cola development at the top.

Growing Along With Your SOG Plants

Keep detailed notes during your grow season so you’re ready to revise your strategy to keep improving your results. For example, several growers initiate flowering when their these plants are 6′ tall while some prefer to wait. Attention to detail and recordkeeping will help you find your sweet spot.
Consider growing a number of strains simultaneously with SOG and discover what works best.

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