Who Is Cannabis Feminist?

//Who Is Cannabis Feminist?

Who Is Cannabis Feminist?

Who Is Cannabis Feminist?

[W]e are an all-inclusive cannabis community built on the philosophy that cannabis is the gateway to health, happiness and the femininity in all of us. – Cannabis Feminist

Cannabis Feminist is a Los Angeles-based, women-owned company disrupting the emerging cannabis market. Their new approach at business is more holistic and homegrown than most.

What Cannabis Feminist Does

  • Sell cannabis products; both their own and other brands that they represent,
  •  Research cannabis consumption testing efficacy and reactions to cannabis products from real consumers,
  • Research trends, uses, and indications for the cannabis products their customers are using,
  • Provide in-home consultations with access to their curated collection of products,
  • Throw events called women’s circles and high-end cannabis “bake sales” in the hippest places, and
  • They educate and inspire women to take leadership roles in the cannabis industry.

Currently, Cannabis Feminist is working with brands that include Hmbldt (vape pens), Apothecanna (topicals), Medicine Box (tinctures and edibles), MONDO (microdosing powder), as well as their own brand.

Cannabis Feminist: Empowering The Consumer Cannabis Experience

According to Assaf, CEO and head of products, “It’s time for women to reinvest in this space and create a new cannabis culture.”

Cannabis Feminist aims to provide the kind of service you can’t get from most dispensaries. Their version of cannabis sales involves direct engagement with consumers in noncommercial settings. During their popular Women’s Circle events, leaders provide cannabis education and help guests find which products best fit their needs.

This particular approach serves an invaluable marketing purpose also. While serving consumers, Cannabis Feminist can aggregate data. They routinely ask customers to answer questions, like ‘what’s the best product someone ought to try when they are first exploring cannabis?’ or perhaps “which products work best for which conditions?”

While the group seeks to sell products, the larger concept is to encourage a system of women to represent marijuana’s female energy and all it creates. Inclusion in Cannabis Feminist’s curated brand list assures consumers that the items are natural, made properly, derived from quality sources, and qualify as wellness products.

It’s kind of like the aware millennial version of networking marketing without the scam or pressure to host sale parties.

This is not just women sitting in a circle talking about how they feel, it’s a way for women to think about products they love in a new way and make a living off representing brands they believe in. We’re empowering consumers to be entrepreneurs. – Assaf, Jane Street

About the Cannabis Feminist Female’s Circles

These cannabis women’s circles are a mix between an empowerment gathering and a wellness sales event. The key is the balance and these innovative women get that balance just right.

At the start of every female’s circle, Jessica Assaf, head and CEO of products at Cannabis Feminist, rolls a joint and sends it around so guests can experience cannabis, explore their relationship to the plant, and explore various types of cannabis products. Cannabis Feminist sells topicals, flower, edibles and vapes.


Cannabis Feminist’s goal is to dismantle the dispensary model, instead creating a system of females introducing products to people they know in community settings. It’s about more than just selling. It’s about guiding people to better wellness through exposure to cannabis.

“We show the faces of cannabis and feminize the culture, the act of smoking cannabis as something that’s normalized. It’s not in the same bucket as chugging beers but a spiritual experience that brings people together.”  Assaf, LA Weekly


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