Why You Need A Nug Jar

//Why You Need A Nug Jar

Why You Need A Nug Jar

Why You Need A Nug Jar

Sure, you can throw your bud into a plastic bag but there’s a reason you’ll never see that in a dispensary. Keeping your weed safe from the air and elements preserves the qualities you like best about your cannabis.

Because marijuana is an herb, you should store it like other herbs. If kept in optimum conditions, well-cured marijuana can remain potent for years. It will last the longest if you resist the urge to pre-grind.

Conversely, if your cannabis is exposed to the air, it degrades within 7 days. Cannabinoids so volatile they don’t stick around long. If you put your bud into a bag, you’ll get a few weeks or a month before quality diminishes.

That’s because it isn’t only air that degrades your bud, it’s light too. And this is the primary reason a nug jar is the best place to keep your weed. Nug jars are designed to shut out light and air.

Why You Need A Nug Jar: Say No To Plastic

If you want idea cannabis storage, you must forego bags and plastic containers. While convenient, they’re just giving you a false sense of security. Cannabis grows dry and brittle quickly in a bag. It’s basically only slightly better than leaving it out in the open.

Moreover, if the plastic container is exposed to extreme heat or temperature fluctuations, it could be dangerous. Some plastics leach chemicals like artificial estrogen (BPA) and you don’t want it in your weed. Chemicals in plastic could also change the taste and aroma of your marijuana. Not the best option for extended storage.

Why You Need A Nug Jar: Potency Protection

A nug jar protects your¬†pot potency and that’s its main job. It keeps it from drying out prematurely, shuts out the damaging light, and keeps the aromas and cannabinoids from degrading.

To do this properly, they should be glass or another opaque substance that blocks UV light. Also, make sure the container itself won’t seep into your weed. Some plastics, as mentioned earlier, could be unsafe and underwhelming.

While mason jars are a very popular storage method, they don’t block UV light. UVB damages THC and therefore decreases the potency of your pot.

Many good quality stash jars have oxygen barrier seals as well. Cannabis exposed to oxygen gets dry and harsh tasting.

Finally, special stash jars keep moisture from marijuana so there is hardly any chance of mildew and mold growth.

Why You Need A Nug Jar: Specialty Stash Jars

Using specialty stash jars protects dispensary owners and also cannabis users. Specialty nug jars are designed to comply with security regulations. That includes child-safe lids.

Even artistic jars created specifically for cannabis provide protection. You should make sure they have the important features we’ve discussed. Once you’ve checked off your list, enjoy the design made with weed storage in mind.

Why You Need A Nug Jar: Where To Find A Great Nug Jar

Etsy has a wealth of hidden nug jar gems waiting to be discovered. Many glass and pottery artists create works of art that you can store your weed in safely.

Don’t overlook¬†your local smoke shop either.

If nothing strikes your fancy in these places, Google or Amazon will come through. Just remember, your nug jar is an opportunity to express yourself while protecting your investment. Don’t just throw it in an old jelly jar.

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