Where To Get Your Weed News

//Where To Get Your Weed News

Where To Get Your Weed News

Where To Get Your Weed News

In a time of fake news with low paid bloggers across the world spewing a constant stream of unresearched information into the interwebs, who can you trust? We get that your trust is a big deal. We’re not telling you to rush off and believe everything you read in the following weed news sources.

These are the publications we read, though. We keep our eye on these cannabis news sources on top of a couple of Google alerts to stay in the know.

Here is a sneak peek into the sources weed editors read.

Get Your Weed News: The Cannabist

Keeping it real, this publication does take some paid promotions. Because of this, keep your skepticism healthy when it comes to product reviews. Always remember to look near the byline at the top and at the very end of the article to see if there is sponsorship disclosure.

In spite of this, The Cannabist is a great place to find out about new products and big cannabis news. Most of the content is well researched and linked to actual, external sources. Beware of pages that only link to themselves!

Get Your Weed News: NORML Blog

NORML publishes information and news about cannabis legislation and regulation. It’s definitely approached from a legal standpoint, but it’s accessible to joe public. This is also a blog about activism.

Everyday NORML Chapters from around the country invest countless hours in advocating for meaningful marijuana law reforms on the local, state and federal level! Below is a brief rundown of some of their most recent accomplishments. – NORML

Get Your Weed News: Cannalaw Blog

The Cannalaw Blog is run by a firm that specializes in cannabis law. They share their unique perspective on hot legal news in the marijuana space. They are worth following in addition to NORML because one often picks up something the other doesn’t cover.

In other words, they’re not mirror images of each other.

Get Your Weed News: 420 Pony

The 420 Pony is a snappy little blog with a weird name that we just keep going back to because the content is so snackable. That’s kind of an industry term for easy to digest and interesting to read. You won’t find hard-hitting exposes or intense journalism over there. What Pony is great for is giving you the elevator version of a topic and pointing you to high-quality sources to learn more.

They test out products without any sponsorships or affiliate codes too.

Try them out! In fact, we kind of got this idea from them!

Get Your Weed News: Cannabis Culture

Like 420 Pony, Cannabis Culture often gives an overview of a topic and you have to dig a little deeper for more info. Their content is a bit less engaging than Pony but they’re a good source just the same.

Definitely worth popping into your feed reader.

Get Your Weed News: The Usual Suspects

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention High Times and Leafly. They’re both good sources, although both do accept sponsorships so the same goes for them that we said about The Cannabist. We’re tossing them at the end here because you probably already know about them.

Other honorable mentions go to Dabs Magazine, MJ Biz Daily, and The Weed Blog.


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