Medical Or Recreational Cannabis Overseas

//Medical Or Recreational Cannabis Overseas

Medical Or Recreational Cannabis Overseas

Medical Or Recreational Cannabis Overseas

The world is not united in its feelings about cannabis. Some countries allow only medical cannabis. In other places in the world, recreational marijuana is legal or decriminalized. It’s fascinating to live in a time where perspectives are shifting on such a huge issue. We will look back one day and remember this.

For now, it’s pretty much an overwhelming mess, however. Let’s try to sort it out a bit.

Medical Or Recreational Cannabis Overseas: Austria

As of January 2016, possession and purchase of up to 5 grams of cannabis is decriminalized but only if offenders attend therapy.

Cultivation, sale, and transport of small quantities (<200g) could land you up to one year in jail.

Caught selling cannabis in Austria? You get tossed in jail for up to 3 years.

Sale, transport, and cultivation of larger quantities (> 200g) nets up to 5 years imprisonment.

Regardless of a criminal conviction, anyone caught with cannabis by the authorities might have their driving license revoked unless they show prolonged abstinence from cannabis in several supervised urine tests. Bummer!

Austria considered cannabis is a drug when it contains more than 0.3 % of THC. Anything under that’s legal. Additionally, Nabilone (synthetic cannabinoid) is marketed as Canemes and gained CINV approval in 2013.

Medical Or Recreational Cannabis Overseas: Belgium

Since 2003, adults in Belgium over the age of 18 are allowed to have around 3 grams of cannabis. Individuals could also grow up to one cannabis plant on privately owned property. The sale and transport of cannabis remains illegal, however. Belgium permits Dronabinol and Nabilone use for Glaucoma, spasms associated with M.S., chronic pain, and AIDS.

Medical Or Recreational Cannabis Overseas: Finland

Around 200 Finnish citizens are cleared to legally purchase Nabiximols and/or Bedrocan (cannabis-based products) from one of the national pharmacies. The possession, sale, transport, and cultivation of cannabis outside of this small group of individuals remains illegal.

Medical Or Recreational Cannabis Overseas: France

Cultivating, selling, possessing or using marijuana is illegal in France. In spite of this hard line against recreational cannabis, the country allowed medications containing cannabis derivatives in 2013.

Medical Or Recreational Cannabis Overseas: Germany

Germany is expanding its medical marijuana program as well as offering some federal backing to help cover costs. It is a really progressive level of acceptance.

The country’s Minister of Health also made a positive statement about moving toward full legalization.

Medical Or Recreational Cannabis Overseas: Italy

Possession of small amounts of cannabis for personal consumption is a misdemeanor in Italy punishable by a fine. Selling cannabis in Italy is more serious. You could be jailed.

Licensed cultivation for medical and industrial use does exist but it’s strictly regulated.

Medical Or Recreational Cannabis Overseas: The Netherlands

Possession of up to six grams of cannabis is legal in the Netherlands for use in coffee shops and possession of precisely the same amount is decriminalized. Cultivation of up to 5 plants is decriminalized in the Netherlands, but plants continue to be destroyed if discovered by law enforcement.

The sale of cannabis is legal in licensed coffee shops but remains illegal outside of licensed areas.

Medical cannabis is legal but regulated.

Medical Or Recreational Cannabis Overseas: Portugal

In 2001, Portugal became the very first state in the world to decriminalize all drugs. Drug addicts were then aggressively targeted with therapy as well as community service instead of harsher punishment. Even if there are no criminal penalties, these changes did not legalize drug use in Portugal. Possession remains prohibited by Portuguese law, and criminal penalties continue to affect drug growers, dealers, and traffickers.

Medical Or Recreational Cannabis Overseas: Romania

Authorized medical patients in Romania may now make use of marijuana derivatives to deal with pain. Additionally, derivatives of the plant now are utilized for treating certain health conditions, like epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, and cancer. Manufacturers need approval by the National Agency for Medicines for approval to market drugs that contain marijuana by-products.

Medical Or Recreational Cannabis Overseas: Russia

Russia decriminalized transportation and possession for as much as six grams. Additionally, adults can grow 20 plants legally. Nevertheless, large fines are still levied to prevent widespread use.

Medical Or Recreational Cannabis Overseas: Spain

Use and possession only risks a fine, but selling or transporting cannabis is illegal in Spain. Doing so could land you in jail.

Interestingly, consumption and cultivation is legal for adults on private property. This loophole has been exploited to the fullest.

About 500 private cannabis clubs exist in Spain, 200 of them in Barcelona. All actions related to cannabis apart from sale aren’t considered criminal offenses and are considered fineable misdemeanors.

Physicians can prescribe Cesamet for vomiting and nausea in cancer chemotherapy, and Sativex for various other ailments.

Medical Or Recreational Cannabis Overseas: United Kingdom

Cannabis is a Schedule one, Class B drug in the UK. The government uses this designation for drugs with no therapeutic value. Because of this, there is no medical cannabis in the UK. It is legal to research cannabis with the right license.

Some synthetic cannabis is prescribed but it’s few and far between.

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