How Does THC Help The Body?

//How Does THC Help The Body?

How Does THC Help The Body?

How Does THC Help The Body?

Although CBD was relatively unknown several years ago, it has now pushed THC out of the spotlight!

While this is good for many turning to cannabis for wellness, it overlooks important facts.

After reading this article you’ll see how THC helps the body nearly as much as CBD. This is another excellent argument in favor of whole plant medicine.

Learn about THC as a healer below!

How Does THC Help The Body: THC And The Brain

Because THC stimulates the CB1 receptor, it encourages the brain’s potential to learn and grow.

Researchers also discovered that like CBD, THC causes brain cells in the hippocampus to develop.

Some research also indicates that THC enhances the brain’s sense of space also.

As an outcome of these discoveries, small doses of cannabis might handle and maybe even overturn chronic cognitive problems. This includes dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Furthermore, THC illustrates powerful neuroprotectant properties. A 2014 study discovered that individuals with THC in their system suffered less brain damage after an accident.

How Does THC Help The Body? THC And Sleep

Research trials in the 1970s realized that oral doses of THC helped insomniacs go to sleep faster and easier. THC also reduces sleep interruptions since it improves breathing. What a relief for anyone with sleep apnea.

How Does THC Help The Body? THC And Pain Relief

Medical reports claim THC activates pathways in the Central Nervous System which block pain signals. Consequently, individuals taking THC experience less pain sensation and have relief instead.

An FDA approved trial conducted in 2013 further confirmed THC’s pain reduction potential up to 30% versus people who didn’t take it.

How Does THC Help The Body? THC, Nausea And Appetite

Because THC interacts with hypothalamus receptors which give off the hormone ghrelin, it stimulates hunger. THC makes food taste better as well, that definitely makes patients want to eat more. This is why people get the munchies in the first place.

Before we knew about the power of CBD, The FDA approved a synthetic THC pill called Marinol for cancer treatment nausea. This was way back in the 1980s. The medicine features artificial, isolated THC. The FDA’s seal of approval on this treatment is proof that they’re satisfied by its medical effectiveness.

There’s no reason at all to think that natural THC delivers different results. Additionally, complete plant medicine delivers a lot more benefits through the powerful interactions between cannabinoids as well as terpenes.

THC becomes very useful to individuals with health problems that disrupt their eating. In truth, cannabis aides break down of food through improved gastrointestinal motility. This assists conditions from HIV, eating disorders, hepatitis, and dementia that exhibit reduced hunger and sluggish digestion.

How Does THC Help The Body? THC And Cancer

Again, while CBD is touted as a cancer fighter, it isn’t alone. THC also shows promise in fighting cancer in several ways.

Cannabis fights cancer through an immune function that triggers damaged cells to self destruct. This is called apoptosis.

THC also can obstruct blood vessel formation around tumors, effectively starving them of oxygen and nutrients.

Furthermore, THC prevents cancer cells from going through the body to develop new growth sites.

How Does THC Help The Body? Mood, Anxiety And PTSD

Reports have established that THC eases a wide range of PTSD related symptoms. It reduces stress, depression, insomnia, flashbacks, and nightmares.

Since THC has helped boost restful sleep, individuals with PTSD sleep more restfully. The body and mind repair themselves during our sleeping hours and more sleep means more healing and balance.

How Does THC Help The Body? THC And Infections

Interestingly, one of the roles THC plays for the cannabis plant is to keep the plant healthy. It stops disease and infection in the plant and in animals that consume it as well.

The link between a healthy gut and the immune system is well established. Through research involving mice, THC changed the unhealthy gut biome in obese mice to that of healthy mice with a normal weight.

In 2008, researchers discovered that THC may also kill the dangerous pathogen MRSA. This’s powerful info since we now know that overusing antibiotic medication only creates bigger resistance problems later. THC is an effective alternative.

How Does THC Help The Body? THC Reduces Dangerous Inflammation

Cytokine and chemokines are immune ingredients which result in inflammation. Both THC and CBD reduce these substances and, therefore, inflammation.

High levels of inflammation in the body cause premature aging, pain along with a number of other severe conditions. In fact, inflammation is becoming a leading concern for many medical professionals as we learn more about how damaging it really is.

How Does THC Help The Body? THC And Lung Health

Both THC and the terpene pinene act as bronchodilators. This improves breathing and can ease asthma attacks.

As an outcome, several biopharmaceutical businesses are experimenting with cannabis-based drugs for allergies and also COPD.

How Does THC Help The Body? THC, Seizures And Convulsions

Because CBD emerged as an effective anticonvulsant, exploration on the anticonvulsant properties of THC has suffered. In spite of this, we know about a promising study from the 1970s involving baboons. This study showed how THC reduced seizures in these animals.

An earlier study from the 1940s found that THC treatment effectively decreased seizures in more than 50% of kids unable to achieve relief from conventional seizure medication.

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