SCROG Technique For Growing Cannabis

//SCROG Technique For Growing Cannabis

SCROG Technique For Growing Cannabis

SCROG Technique For Growing Cannabis

Welcome to an explanation about ways to use the SCROG technique to increase grow yields. While mastering this technique takes trial and dedication and error, this introduction to the topic is a great first read. This short overview introduces the subject and describes the simple techniques to begin using SCROG.

Explaining SCROG

SCROG stands for Screen Of Green, a growing technique based on weaving plants through netting or screen. The screening strategy increases bud yield and makes it easier to grow in low spaces.

When you SCROG, you also manipulate the amount of light the plants receive and do some pruning and topping. All of this alters the way seedlings grow. The light manipulation causes dense cannabis plant growth. As a result, plants start to be full, bushy, heavy with sticky buds. Righteous!

While SCROGGING takes a little time, the great news is it is easy.

How To Pick A Screen

Essentially, you are mounting a screen above the plants you’re growing so you can weave them through it. Place it 20′ to 25′ above the top of your tallest seedling. Pick a sturdy screen with square openings which are 2 inches by 2 inches wide. This specific screen type is going to encourage the plant life to develop correctly. You will both weave growth through the screen and lag plants to the screen using plant ties.

The Way To Prune For SCROG

SCROGGING success also requires some topping. The moment your plants are 10′ tall, start snipping.

Find the small colas and snip them off. This helps your plants grow outward rather than upward. Furthermore, it encourages each plant to make multiple colas.

Many also prune some bottom growth.

How To Use The SCROG Screen

When your plants reach the screen, use gentle but sturdy plant ties to secure growth to the screen itself. Also, weave your plants through the screen using it to support them. SCROGGING is all about the screen as it’s the main component that separates this from other methods of stress training.

How To Force Flowering During SCROGGING

After your plant is growing under and along the screen, it is time to force flowering. In order to achieve this result, you need to change the amount of light your plant receives. This low-stress method makes your plants nervous enough to concentrate all growth efforts toward budding.

Aim for twelve hours of darkness and twelve hours of light for best results.


As your plants grow and flower, keep training them horizontally under the display screen. Continue to make use of your plant ties or maybe even gentle clips to secure branches. Take care to protect the plants of yours when tieing them. When you do damage you will inhibit growth.

In the event that you are using high-stress training methods like bending or perhaps breaking some stems, that is fine. Just keep track of the way your plants are responding so you can make modifications as you grow.

That is how you SCROG!

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