How To Twax A Joint

//How To Twax A Joint

How To Twax A Joint

How To Twax A Joint

If you’re a marijuana lover, especially if you’re on social media, you’ve seen twaxing. It’s beautiful and quite impressive. Additionally, because it combines wax and weed, it packs quite an intoxicating punch!

As impressive as a twaxed joint is, it’s also intimidating. How can you achieve this goal? Impress your friends or blast off with this easy twaxing tutorial!

How To Twax A Joint

Want to twax? You have a couple of choices. You can start with either a joint or blunt and simply add some concentrate with the flower before you roll up. If you are interested in using this method, make sure your concentrate is broken up well into small pieces. You want it to be a part of the weed inside and not a huge chunk that will burn differently and therefore compromise the structural integrity of your bone.

The drawback to this is it doesn’t look quite as pretty as the twaxed joints you see on Instagram. They usually feature strings of wax twirled around the outside of the joint paper.

If you want to achieve that level of twax perfection, practice makes perfect. Again your goal is to manipulate your wax into thin strips so they burn evenly and don’t destroy your hard work. With this method, you roll your joint or blunt normally and then twist your wax around in whatever design you can manage. This is like latte art and will take some trial and error before it’s IG worthy.

How To Twax A Joint: Twaxing With Bowls Or Bongs

In case bowls and bongs are your preference, it’s actually easier to twax this way. Simply pack the bowl normally and crumble some wax, shatter or budder on top. As you burn the flower, the concentrate will vape.

How To Twax A Joint: What’s The Point?

Twaxing is novel, pretty and incredibly potent. It’s also a great way to stretch your concentrate budget if prices in your area are higher than flower. If the opposite is true, you’ll find you use less weed overall because you’re mixing it with something stronger.

another twaxing benefit is you avoid the need to buy a separate dab rig or pen to vape your concentrate. It’s pretty easy to master.

How To Twax A Joint: Are There Drawbacks?

The main drawback is you are probably burning your concentrate with this method. That means your hit won’t be as pure and you could sacrifice some potency versus dabbing your wax.

Another concern is if you add your concentrate to a joint or blunt you could burn yourself, your clothes, or waste product if everything falls apart. You just have to balance risks and rewards here.

How To Twax A Joint: What’s A Cannabis Concentrate, Anyway?

New to concentrates? Here’s a crash course.

Cannabis concentrates are extracted substances that contain substantial quantities of cannabinoids per volume. These concentrates can be over twice as potent as bud so you’ll be plenty stoned after use.

Concentrates are made in an assortment of methods, from synthetic extraction to totally clean forms of cannabinoids. Rosin and also CO2 extractions deliver huge highs without the substance exposure. Having said that, PHO and also BHO must be pretty pure to be sold in places with legal dispensaries. Any chemical solvent leaves the mixture after extraction when manufacturers purge the system.

Concentrates are available in numerous types, from sticky wax to liquidy BHO. This does not matter very much in regards to potency. It is much more about preference, consistency, and availability.

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