What Is The Topping Grow Technique?

//What Is The Topping Grow Technique?

What Is The Topping Grow Technique?

What Is The Topping Grow Technique?

Welcome to intro to topping class! This intro to the subject provides a quick overview and links for more research. We want to get you up to speed on how topping is done as well as how it can help your grow setup.

Topping is considered to be a high-stress technique by some because it does involve cutting the plants. That being said, if performed correctly you’ll see results without harming your beautiful babies.

A little bit of stress can be beneficial to your plants because it kicks them into high production.

Topping Grow Technique: Why Should I Top My Cannabis Plants?

Just like other growing techniques, topping can increase yields. This turns into bigger profits or a bigger stash for yourself if you grow for personal use. Another topping benefit is that it’s easy. There is no complicated equipment to buy and the technique is simple to understand.

You can incorporate topping into other growing methods and will probably notice that it is similar to FIMing plants.

Topping Grow Technique: What Is Topping?

Topping is a growing method involvingĀ targeted pruning. By cutting areas of your cannabis plants, you encourage multiple cola growth. These colas often grow large and are cannabinoid-rich. It’s a win-win situation.

Topping may not be for you if you’re squeamish about the idea of disrupting your plants. If you’ve got a strong enough stomach for it, however, it’s less disruptive than breaking or damaging stems. It’s a pretty solid beginner technique.

As already mentioned, topping is ideal for those growing in small spaces because you’ll get more out of fewer plants.

Topping Grow Technique: How To Top Cannabis Plants

Choose fast growing strains for the best topping results. The next important consideration is when to cut the plants and where to make these cuts.

Cutting your cannabis plant in the beginningĀ of its growth cycle provides excellent control. It is able to speed up growth overall. Correctly topped plants also take up less space because each one yields more cannabis.

You can top your plants at any point but want to do this before advanced flowering. Early topping produces the best results.

Your aim is usually to cut around but above the plant’s nodes. In turn, these nodes should grow colas of their own.

Topping your plants change their shape significantly. It helps you gain bountiful harvests in small spots, receive more from fewer plants and wind up with increased cannabis buds.

Topping Grow Technique: Do You Top?

Have you tried the topping method? If not and you’d like more information, check out some of our favorite growing message boards! I Love Growing Marijuana is a wonderful resource overall and has this handy lists of sites that can help you connect with real growers with all the info you need.

If you are familiar with this and other growing methods, why not help a noob today? Your mentorship keeps this plant in the hands of the people who use it and not just a cash crop for huge commercial growers.

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