Understanding The Farm Bill

//Understanding The Farm Bill

Understanding The Farm Bill

Understanding The Farm Bill

Want to understand The Farm Bill? Grab a snack and suit up for our quick down low.

Understanding The Farm Bill: A Brief Look At Hemp

Hemp a plant related to cannabis. Although it contains CBD, it makes little to no THC. Meaning it will not cause intoxication. It shows some other benefits, however.

Hemp is generally used for its fiber that will make foods, paper, cardboard, carpets, clothes, rope, and a lot more.

The commercially available CBD on the market is also hemp CBD.

Understanding The Farm Bill: How Did The Farm Bill Change Anything, Wasn’t Hemp Already Legal?

Frankly, hemp’s legal status is confusing. In order to make things even worse, everyone selling you CBD is constantly claiming it is completely legal. The truth is not so clear.

Hemp sale and production had been earlier restricted under federal drug laws. Although hemp doesn’t contain appreciable THC, it was still considered a drug instead of a valuable renewable resource.

The Farm Bill legalizes agricultural hemp, enabling farmers to grow and promote the useful crop. It really doesn’t speak about CBD at all, however. Insomuch as CBD oil comes from hemp, farmers can grow CBD hemp completely legally. However, the FDA still considers hemp and CBD purely a nutritional supplement. This makes it illegal to claim any medical benefits.

Understanding The Farm Bill: The Bill’s History

Senators McConnell, Rand Pau (R KY), Jeff Merkley, and Ron Wyden, introduced the bill as being a component of a broader farm bill covering agriculture subsidies and food assistance programs. It passed along with that various other legislation. Thereafter, President Trump signed the bill.

For McConnell, it is an economic concern. He sees hemp as a brand new crop for farmers in his state to cultivate. This becomes a job-generating endeavor. Actually, he said he hopes hemp is going to take the place tobacco, which was onceĀ a main crop for his native Kentucky.

Growers also share the hope and sentiment. They hope hemp will help them recover losses they experienced as even more individuals turned from cigarettes for overall health reasons.

Before this, farmers faced numerous barriers to developing hemp due to federal prohibition. For example, it is difficult to get banking, water rights, and crop insurance to help theirĀ hemp ventures. The bill removes these boundaries, putting the US Department of Agriculture and state agencies in charge of regulations.

Understanding The Farm Bill: Getting The Ball Rolling

Not only will legal hemp help create jobs, it may further CBD research. When growing hemp was technically illegal at a federal level, it was harder to be approved for research. Therefore, The Farm Bill greases the wheels in this way.

Understanding The Farm Bill: Environmental Implications

Let’s keep in mind that hemp is a very amazing renewable resource. Hemp products biodegrade easily. Additionally, hemp grows fast and is more sustainable than wood. This opens many positive possibilities for greenhouse gas reduction. It also encourages less plastic use and may preserve slower growing fiber and pulp producers like trees.

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