How To Clean Your Pipes And Bongs Fast

//How To Clean Your Pipes And Bongs Fast

How To Clean Your Pipes And Bongs Fast

How To Clean Your Pipes And Bongs Fast

DO NOT spend your hard earned money on fancy glass cleaners for your pipes. Do not put off cleaning your paraphernalia. And please, do not scrape for hours only to end up with a smelly, gross looking piece that is still riddled with bacteria.

There is a much better way to clean your pipes and bongs fast. In fact, you may already know this trick. Just in case you don’t, however, you pretty much need to. Otherwise, we have to throw you out of the group and shame you.

No, seriously, we want you to spend more on your precious cannabis and less on keeping your stuff clean.

How To Clean Your Pipes And Bongs Fast: Just How Gross Is Your Pipe?

It is WAY grosser than you think, trust us. If you could see all of the germs, bacteria, pathogens and even mold on your pipes you’d stop reading this right now and go clean them. That’s right, cleaning your piece is as much about health as it is aesthetics and the taste of your weed.

You can actually pass pretty nasty illnesses from person to person. You can even infect yourself with things like viral pneumonia or bronchitis. We aren’t just talking the common cold.

And we don’t want to scare you but, things like herpes, mono, and the flu can pass from person to person too.

The weed won’t protect you from these things.

How To Clean Your Pipes And Bongs Fast: Smell And Taste

Another important reason to keep your stuff clean is smell and taste. While you may prize that gunky resin for a rainy day, your guests do not. If you don’t clean your pipe often enough, it will drip disgusting, resin-infused spit out of the choke hole.

It will ruin the taste of your weed and makes it very difficult to discreetly take your pipe on the go.

How To Clean Your Pipes And Bongs Fast: Cleaning Is Quick And Easy

Literally, all you need is a place to submerge your piece (coffee can, throw away plastic container, glass mason jar), some rubbing alcohol (90% is the fastest but any will do) and table salt.

Dump all of this together, gently stir or shake the container, and let it stand for as long as feasibly possible. In our experience, as little as two hours does some serious good.

If you can’t let it stand overnight, use a hot water flush as you rinse to help speed things along.

You can even soak, hot water rinse, and soak again.

Bongs can be a bit more difficult to treat. Try plugging the holes and filling the inside of the water pipe with the solution.

How To Clean Your Pipes And Bongs Fast: The Benefits

The alcohol in this solution disinfects your bowls and bongs and the solution dissolves stubborn gunk from the inside as well. Once the piece is dry, it’s ready to go and looks as good as the day you bought it.

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