The Culture Of Weed

//The Culture Of Weed

The Culture Of Weed

The Culture Of Weed

This article has two main purposes. The first is to celebrate the small things that create weed culture. The second purpose here is to welcome new cannabis users into the fold by explaining culture to them. Sure, cannabis users aren’t quite the same as an ethnic group, but we do have rituals, etiquette, and behaviors that bind us together.

Whether you’re an OG puff head or someone new to legal, recreational cannabis, kick back and enjoy these aspects of cannabis culture.

Culture of Weed: Puff, Puff, Pass

We’re starting right out with a tricky one, because this is subjective and even somewhat regional. Your group of friends will either be two puffers before passing or strictly one puff. You can figure this out by watching unless you’re invited to blaze up a freshie the first time you partake with your friends.

It’s always ok to ask!

It’s commonly believed that, particularly with joints and blunts, you can hit twice before passing to your left. With bowls and bongs, one hit is customary. If someone gives you crap for doing this ‘wrong,’ it’s ok to act like they’re being a bit intense. You should still follow the local custom of your group, though.

Culture of Weed: Pass To The Left

It’s really unknown why everyone passes to the left, but it will almost always happen. Is it a nod to the ‘pass the dutchie to the left-hand side’ song? Perhaps. It could simply be an easy way to keep things organized when everyone gets in the smoke circle.

That’s another point to note: smoking often happens in a circle. This, again, is probably because it’s the easiest way to keep everyone organized.

Culture of Weed: Don’t Bogart And Ramble

Your friends will give you crap if you take a burning (or not burning) bowl or joint and start to tell a long story. It’s easy to do this when high. We’ve all fallen victim to this. However, try to stay on your toes and keep the fire moving.

Culture of Weed: Maintaining The Burn

While some of us are obsessive tampers, it’s always a good idea to press the burning ash down in the bowl or bong a bit. At least check out how it’s doing. This prevents you from passing a cashed (i.e. spent) bowl but also helps the mix burn evenly. Overall, this conserves product.

Lots of people use the end of their lighter to do this. In fact, you can spot a ‘head in a new place by checking out the butt of their lighter. It’s a handy trick when you’re feenin on vacation.

Culture of Weed: Who Gets The Freshie

Customarily, either the person who packed the bowl or rolled the joint hits first, or the honored guest. If you’re not sure, pass it to someone else after you prepare it. It’s always a nice thing to do.

On the other hand, don’t jump down your friend’s throat if they pack it up and hit it themselves. Some people see this as a reward for prepping the stash.

Culture of Weed: What’s Your Custom?

Do you have any customs in your group that others would find strange of interesting? We’d love to hear about it!


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