How To Roll A Blunt With Rose Petals

//How To Roll A Blunt With Rose Petals

How To Roll A Blunt With Rose Petals

How To Roll A Blunt With Rose Petals

Although we’re dropping this knowledge nugget on V Day, a rose petal blunt makes a statement at any time of year. It’s obviously perfect for your lover, but it’s pretty awesome at parties or even when you’re on your own, too. After all, you’re always your own valentine, right?

Roll A Blunt With Rose Petals: Why Bother?

A rose petal blunt not only looks cool, it imparts some flavor. Additionally, it’s a super natural way to roll one up. If rose petals aren’t your thing, try substituting any large flower that’s safe to eat. Hibiscus come to mind off the bat.

So you can get super creative here and become known as the guy or gal who rolls up floral fatties.

I once knew a guy who gave his best friend a few pre-rolled joints as a wedding gift. Imagine how much cooler that would be if they were in rose petals?


Roll A Blunt With Rose Petals: Preparing The Petals

If you happen to have a food dehydrator, this is going to be super easy. If not, you can use your oven or even a dry place like an attic or outside in the sun.

If you use your oven or a dehydrator, keep the heat low and slow. You need the petals to stay pliable so you can twist it up.

First, select your petals and if you have any concerns about their cleanliness, wash them. Don’t use soap, but give them a rinse.

Next, lay them out flat where you want to dry. If using an oven, try placing a rack on top of a cookie sheet to get more air circulation under the petals. This will help them dry faster. If you don’t have one, just put them directly on the cookie sheet.

Low and slow is the key here and you may have to experiment so hold back some petals if this is your first time and you’re making this for a special occasion. Open all the vents in the dehydrator or keep your oven well below 200 degrees F and watch the petals carefully.

Don’t dry them out too much or they’ll crumble.

Some curling is natural.

If you’re very confident and have good insurance, try the fast and freak method like the dudes in the video below. They broil the petals for a few seconds just until they wilt. This is dangerous but apparently can work.

Roll A Blunt With Rose Petals: Rolling The J

We assume you already know how to roll a joint and if not, follow that link. The main difference with your rose petal joint is that there’s no glue to help hold it together. You may need to combine two petals to have enough space.

Your saliva and a little bit of pressure should do when it comes to sealing. If not, you can experiment with a very small amount of sugar syrup or honey. We cannot stress the ‘small amount’ part enough. You may have to hold or clamp the joint somehow while it dries.

A little cannabis wax is PERFECT. Just place whatever you choose along the seam.

Alternatively, you can roll the joint when the petal is still fresh and let the whole thing dry. You still have to get creative here about sealing the joint, however.

Roll A Blunt With Rose Petals: Peep The Method

A video is worth a thousand words, so check out how these guys do it and like their video to show love and appreciation. You’ll see them pop the petals in and out of the oven a few times at different stages. We don’t think this is necessary, but have at if you want!


We gotta tell you to break up your weed before loading it into the petals, though. Good god, guys!


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