How To Use CBD For Skin

//How To Use CBD For Skin

How To Use CBD For Skin

How To Use CBD For Skin

You can find numerous strategies to use cannabis on the skin and lots of advantages. Topical cannabis is powerful medicine and helps a variety of conditions. Hemp oil is wonderful for the skin because of its richness and CBD itself has some topical benefits that penetrate into your body.

Let us take a look at the terminology around topical cannabis as well as precisely how you are able to make use of it.

How To Use CBD For Skin: Let’s Talk About Fatty Hemp Oil

Hemp oil is great for skin health and as a nutritional supplement. It is not for vaping and most likely has little to no cannabinoids in it. Hemp oil might be significant in CBD content, however. It really depends on the manufacturer and type of hemp oil you’re using.

Hemp oil promotes skin healing by sealing the skin, delivering antioxidants, hydrating the skin and reducing inflammation. Additionally, by coating the skin in moisture, it helps it regenerate faster. For these exact same reasons, it holds some anti-aging properties also.

Furthermore, CBD rich hemp oil is a superb massage oil. Rub it into sore or tired muscles. By delivering CBD to the affected area straight, you basically drive it into the area in question. If your hemp oil has no CBD, it’s best used for things like dry, cracked skin and eczema.

How To Use CBD For Skin: Hemp Creams vs. CBD Creams

Hemp creams may contain CBD or they could simply be a different form of hemp oil that’s thicker. Therefore, without CBD, hemp creams are fantastic for the skin, nails, and hair but probably will not do very much for spasms or pain.

Conversely, CBD cream is able to penetrate the skin and deliver a dose of healing cannabinoids right where you want it. Try some the next time you have some pain and you’ll be amazed by how well it works.

How To Use CBD For Skin: Washes And Infusions

When you make a cannabis infusion (tea) and put it on a wound or rash, it can help soothe the area. Try adding some honey for added antibacterial and anti-inflammatory help.

This wash is great for your scalp and face, clean cuts and scrapes, and on insect bites.

Remember, if your cannabis isn’t sterile you are risking infection. Some dispensaries may have products that are created in a safe way that doe the same job.

If you make your own, always store it in a sanitized container like a glass jar you’ve just boiled.

You can drink this tea as well, but it is going to taste very… cannabis-y!

How To Use CBD For Skin: Infused Creams, Honey, Or Oil

You can infuse almost any liquid with CBD by steeping CBD cannabis (without THC) in it. Add a little gentle warmth to speed things up. If you have mason jars around the house, you can put your shampoo, honey, or oil inside with some CBD rich cannabis. Next, seal the jar and place it in the crock pot. Finally, fill the crock pot up with water and set it to low.

In a few hours, you are good to go.

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